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Get $25 or $50 sign-up bonus paid in CRO

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Great ways to earn money with Visa debit card - Get cash back to up to 8% on all your purchases with the Visa debit card. Direct after a purchase with the debit card you get your cash back paid out in the crypto currency CRO in the app.

Supercharcher - Deposit crypto in the Supercharger (with the option to withdraw at any time) and start mining DeFi tokens on the exchange and app. Earn - Stake crypto currency and earn up to 12% p.a. Choose flexible, 1 month or 3 months staking period of many different crypto and stable coins and start earning money, paid on weekly basis, with high interest. exchange staking - Stake CRO at the exchange and earn 10% p.a. paid out every day. Mainnet staking - Stake CRO in the DeFi App (Mainnet) and earn a whopping 20% p.a.! (Active from 25 march 2021) App referral code bonus - Sign-up at for the app and use the referral code from this site and get $25 in CRO as bonus! Staking rates in the table below. Exchange referral bonus - Sign-up at for the Exchange and use the referral code from this site and get 1% of your staked CRO in dollar equivalent! So if you stake 5000 CRO, you get $50 in CRO. See: Solutions Overview

CRO staking rates

Visa debit card tiers

You can get a free Visa debit card by signing up at, which gives you 1% cash back on all purchases. However if you sign-up and stake at least $400 (US) worth of CRO, then you can opt for a metal Visa debit card and earn from 2% to 8% cash back depending on the tier debit card you choose and the matching CRO staking in fiat. Get a $25 bonus if you use the referral code from this website and stake over $400 worth of CRO. The more you stake, the more extra benefits you get like rebate on Spotify, Netflix and Amazon prime, Airport Lounge Key access and many more. These fiat staking rates are active from 19th march of 2021. Staking rates Visa debit card

Visa debit card benefits

Earn benefits with the card of your choice

Depending on the tier of debit card of your choice, you get many benefits like 2% to 8% cash back, rebate for Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video subscriptions, Airport Lounge key access and more. If the staking period of 6 months is over, then you will keep all the benefits as long as you keep staking your CRO. However if you unstake the CRO, then you get still some benefits, but reduced. Visa debit card benefits